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Virtual Machine/VM operations

ConVirt provides common lifecycle operations for VM.

  • Start : Start the selected VM
  • Pause : Toggle button to Pause/Resume running VM
  • Reboot : Reboot a selected VM
  • Shutdown : Shutdown a running VM
  • Kill : Hard kill on a VM
  • Snapshot : Save state of a running VM to a file
  • Restore : Restore a VM from a stored snapshot.
  • Delete : Delete VM file and associated VBD/LVMs.
  • Edit VM Settings : Change the configuration settings for the selected VM
  • Edit VM Config File : Edit the VM's configuration file directly.
  • Remove VM Config File : Removes VM file name from the list of VM known to convirt.
  • Migrate VM : Migrate a running VM or VM configuration to a new Server Node with simple drag and drop operation or using a menu. Operation.

NOTE : KVM platform management does not support pause/resume yet.