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VM Migration

ConVirt now allows VM configurations or running Virtual machines to be migrated to another server. This allows the administrator to re-organize the virtual machine to physical machine relationship to balance the workload. For example, a VM needing more CPU can be moved to a machine having available cpu cycles.

For VM Migration to succeed the following points must be considered.

  • Shared storage for all GuestOS disks
  • Identical mountpoints on all servers (hosts)
  • The kernel and ramdisk when using para-virtualized virtual machines should also be shared.(This is not required if pygrub is used.)
  • Centrally accessible installation media (iso)
  • Preferably use identical machines with same version of Virtualization platform running (preferably Xen 3.1 and above)
  • Migration needs to be done within the same subnet.

Migrate All : There is also a convenient feature to allow migrating all Virtual machines. This is useful particularly when a Server is to be upgraded or brought down for maintenance.