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Storage Automation

ConVirt supports wide variety of storage mechanisms. Here is a list of supported Storage mechanisms in ConVirt Enterprise release:

* ATA Over Ethernet (AOE)
* Network File system (NFS)
* Fiber Channel (FC)

In addition to keeping track of storage used by each virtual machine, ConVirt Enterprise also automatically makes the storage available on the managed server.

Lets take an example, Lets assume that we have an ISCSI shared storage and it is declared at the Data Center level. As soon as this is associated with a server pool, all servers within that pool would have this storage available. ConVirt, in this particular case, performs the target discovery, and ISCSI login on each of the managed server and achieves consistent storage across all members of a server pool.

ConVirt configures the storage as new servers are added to the server pool. And un-configure the storage when a server is removed from the pool. This is very convenient when a server needs to be re-purposed and is moved from one server pool to another.

NOTE : While using clustering storage, ConVirt assumes that all managed servers are already part of the cluster and that all necessary packages required for configuring particular storage are already installed.