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Server Pool Operations

A Server Pool node on left navigator represents a group of managed servers.

  • Desktops, QA Lab and Servers server pools are created by default. They serve as a good starting point. You can create your own Server Pools as well.
  • If ConVirt is installed on a machine running Virttualization enabled kernel, it adds Local machine automatically and would manage Virtual machines on them.
  • Provisioning Settings : This allows users to set server pool level settings. These are simple definitions that would override or fulfill variables in the image at the time of provisioning. For example, the Desktop group is associated with class B storage and can be specified with VM_DISKS_DIR=/mnt/class_b_storage/. Now at the time of provisioning, the VM_DISKS_DIR would get substituted by the class b storage location. This helps to manage all servers in a uniform fashion.
  • Storage Pool : This allows declaration of iSCSI, AOE and NFS storage associated with a server pool. Once declared, Lun/ether disks and nfs mount points can be easily selected at the time of provisioning. Note : It is assumed that all servers in the server pool are already setup for accessing shared storage. This is not yet handled by ConVirt. Please see Storage Management section for more details.
  • Add Server : Adds additional remote managed servers to a pool You are prompted for basic information:
    • Host name : Name of the server/host to be added.
    • Username : (typically root)
    • Password : (NOT SAVED ANYWHERE ON DISK/can be left blank if authentication is done using keys)
    • Xen Port : Port on which Xen Daemon (xend) is listening. Typically 8006.
    • SSH port : Typically 22
    • Use Keys : If you wish to use key based authentication instead of the password.

Notes: If you run in to trouble, please make sure that you have followed the instructions given in Preparing Managed Servers section.

  • Remove Server : A server can be removed from the list, by selecting it and choosing "Remove Server"
  • Change Group membership : Simply select the Server, drag and drop it to its new group.
  • Connect All : This is a convenient feature to make ConVirt connect to all servers in the pool and start collecting measurements and show them in the dashboard.