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Accelerite Support Portal - Scheduled Maintenance

Accelerite is continually taking steps to ensure the security of our customers. As part of this continued effort we will be upgrading our support portal from a SHA-1 SSL certificate to a SHA-2 SSL certificate.

Why is Accelerite doing this?

SHA-1 is a widely used encoding technology that helps secure communication between your web browser and the sites you visit. In 2005, cryptanalysts found that SHA-1 was vulnerable to attack and will likely be compromised in the near future. Further analysis in 2012 proved the SHA-1 exploitation was a significant security risk.

As an FYI for Chrome users, Google will soon penalize websites for using SHA-1 SSL certificates that expire in 2016 and after. This means that Chrome users visiting websites with SHA-1 SSL certificates won’t have the most secure browsing experience. Based on the Chrome browser version and when a website’s SHA-1 SSL certificate expires, users will see a lock icon for semi-secure or insecure connections in their browser.

How does this affect you?

This will not impact any functionality on the Accelerite Support Portal. However, in the unlikely scenario you do experience any kind of impact during the upgrade, please email us at to reach our support team.

Date and Time of Activity

1st November 2015 between 09:30am to 10.30am PDT. This activity will be completed within 60 minutes.