Configuring Appearance Settings for the Portal

  1. To configure the portal appearance parameters, log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click the drop-down menu icon in the top right corner next to ROOT USER.
  3. Click Administration > Configuration > Portal.
  4. Click Appearance > Configure.
  5. Click Edit and set the following parameters:
    Parameter Name Definition
    currency.format Display format for the currency.
    currency.precision The maximum number of digits to show after decimal point across all currencies.
    currency.roundingMode Rounding mode to use in case of scaling a currency to a strictly lower precision. Use 0 for rounding up, 1 for rounding down, 2 for ceiling, 3 for floor, 4 for half up or 5 for half down.
    invoice.usage.precision The number of digits (up to 10) to show after decimal point for usage in utility invoices.
  6. Click Save and then, click Close.
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