Editing product bundle pricing


Depending on your business needs, it may be necessary to edit the product bundle prices. The changes that you make to the product bundle prices are visible in the current reference catalog only after activation.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click Catalog > Plan Next.
  3. Select the service instance for which you want to edit the product bundle pricing.
  4. Click Product Bundles > Plan > Edit Charges. The Edit Planned Charges dialog box opens.
  5. Make the changes as required to the product bundle prices and click OK.

You have to activate the changes to make them visible in the current reference catalog. Refer to Scheduling activation.

To see a new revision of bundle definitions, a catalog needs to 'Synchronize' the catalog to the revision. . Refer to Synchronizing with reference catalog.

Price changes to existing products and bundles are not synchronized up to a channel catalog and have to be explicitly managed. When managing prices for a catalog (both products and bundles) the reference price of the product or bundle is visible to the product manager (in parentheses) in the product management UI.

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