Channels represent groups of accounts. Every account is tied to a specific channel. Operators may choose to segment their accounts in any way they wish. Channels could represent geographies or they could represent market segments. Channels are associated with a catalog. A catalog contains channel specific prices for all the products in the system along with an operator determined set of bundles that are available to that catalog, which can also have channel specific prices. Consumers may purchase only the bundles available in the catalog that is configured for their channel. Operators have to explicitly add the set of bundles that are available to a catalog. This is done using the add bundle action. Only published bundles that are visible to the catalog can be added. Any changes made to a catalog have to be explicitly activated at which point it is visible to consumers associated with the corresponding channel.

Channel Catalog

Every channel has a catalog that lists the bundles being sold in that channel. You can add any number of bundles to a catalog.

Note: Only published bundles can be added in a channel catalog.
Channel Currencies

You may want to sell offerings only in a subset of currencies active in the system.

Note: You can add currencies that we want to support in the channel, but once the channel catalog is active, the currency can be supported only in the future revision.
Product and Bundle Prices

There are separate revisions of product and bundle prices in the channel catalog. When a channel is created, prices of all the active products are copied in the channel. As regards a bundle, the prices are copied over when you attach a bundle to the channel catalog. There is a separate price revision which is independent of the price revision in the reference catalog.

Channel Synchronizing

To see a new revision of product and bundle definitions and prices, a catalog needs to synchronize the catalog to the revision. This allows the catalog to see all the changes made in the definitions. Once synchronized, an operator may then override prices before activating a new revision of the catalog. Price changes to existing products and bundles are not synchronized with the channel catalog and have to be explicitly managed. When managing prices for a catalog (both products and bundles) the reference price of the product or bundle is visible to the product manager (in parenthesis) in the product management UI.

After synchronizing, retired products are marked retired in the channel catalog.

Note: Product Mediation Rules and Bundle Provisioning constraints are modified only in the reference catalog. If you synchronize, only then can you can get the changes reflected in the channel catalog.
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