Campaigns and Promotions

A campaign is a marketing program that you create in CloudPortal Business Manager to introduce new products to customers who sign up during the campaign period to expand the customer pool, or to retain customers by giving them additional offerings.

Trial users who sign up during the campaign period are given a promotional code that they use to sign up. This is a required code that trial users should provide. These customers are assigned a Trial account type and they can sign up by entering the promotional code in the text box provided in the Sign-up page.

Other users (Retail and Corporate users) who sign up during the campaign period can also enroll for campaigns and promotions that are on offer. However, for non-trial users, the promotional code is not required in the Sign-up page.
Note: Trial users avail themselves of a full discount by default (100%), whereas the discounts on offer for non-trial users are governed by rules set by an administrator.

When the trial period expires, the account owner is notified by Email. The account's resources like running VMs, templates, snapshots, storage etc. are stopped. These resources are released into the system after a certain period of time, which can be configured.

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