Customization Overview


The Customization pack allows customer or professional services team to extend or customize CloudPortal Business Manager.

Customization pack comes with two GIT repositories.
  • cpbm-customization.git: This repository has three bundles which allows customization of CloudPortal Business Manager product.
  • cpbm-ccp-connector.git: This repository has one bundle which allows customization of user interface of Accelerite CloudPlatform connector.
Bundles in cpbm-customization.git:
  • citrix.cpbm.custom.model
    • This bundle consists of all the proxy model interfaces of the customizable entities. These are Tenant, User, and Subscription proxy interfaces used for custom fields.
    • This bundle also consists a package called com.citrix.cpbm.custom.model which can contain any custom model required for customization.
  • citrix.cpbm.custom.common
    • All custom liquibase goes under this.
    • Custom DAOs and Services are written here.
    • Custom job is configured here.
    • Custom workflow is configured here.
    • Custom report is configured here.
    • Custom email templates
    • Topic Subscribers
  • citrix.cpbm.custom.portal
    • CPBM open sourced portal UI contents like controllers, view (JSPs, javascripts, css, and so on).
    • WebSecurity xml consisting of access based control for URL paths.
Bundle in cpbm-ccp-connector.git
  • cloud.cloudplatform.fragment
    • Accelerite CloudPlatform connector UI contents like controllers, view (JSPs, javascripts, css, and so on).
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