Customizing Topic Subscriber

TopicSubscriber is a spring ApplicationContextListener, which listens to all events that are raised by CloudPortal Business Manager.

This listener listen to the following events:

  • TenantActivation
  • TenantLock
  • TenantSuspension
  • TenantTermination
  • TenantReactivation
  • SubscriptionCreation
  • SubscriptionDeletion
  • SubscriptionTermination
  • UserCreation
  • UserDeletion
  • CloudServiceEvent
  • SubscriptionChangeEvent
  • UtilitySubscriptionEvent
  • MissingProductEvent
  • UserDeactivateEmail
  • SubscriptionActivation
  • AccountConverted
  • CreditCardFraudCheckEvent
  • TrialExpiryWarning
  • TrialSuspended
  • DeviceFraudDetectionEvent
  • ProvisionResourceFailedEvent
  • PasswordResetRequest
  • DepositReceived VerifyEmailRequest
  • EmailVerified
  • ServiceUserRegisterEvent
  • ServiceAccountRegisterEvent
  • CloudServiceActivation

In order to listen to these events customer or service provider has to extend "AbstractTopicSubscriber" class and override any receive method as per the requirement.

Customer has to publish the new class into the OSGi registry.

To publish, follow below steps:
  1. Create bean for the class:.

    Example "<bean class="com.citrix.cpbm.admin.CustomTopicSubscriber" id="customTopicSubscriber" />" in applicationContext-admin-customizations.xml available at src/main/resources/META-INF/spring in bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.common.

  2. Publish the bean to OSGi registry:

    Example "<osgi:service interface="com.citrix.cpbm.subscriber.TopicSubscriber" ref="customTopicSubscriber"/>" in osgi-context.xml available at src/main/resources/META-INF/spring in bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.common.

After making the necessary changes, the customer or service provider has to rebuild the custom packages as documented in Installing and building custom components.

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