Adding an instance to the CloudPlatform service


The Add Service Instance wizard enables you to add an instance of the service. You can specify the parameters required to connect to the service, add products, and specify the utility prices for the products.

  • Accelerite CloudPlatform IP
  • Accelerite CloudPlatform Database credentials
  • Admin API key
  • Admin Secret Key
  • Single.Signon key
  • Ensure the 8096 port is enabled and IPtables updated on Citrix CloudPlatform
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  2. Click Home > All Services > Cloud Services. You will find the CloudPlatform service of the category IaaS.
  3. Click Add. The Add Service Instance wizard opens.
  4. Specify the identifying information for the instance such as name, code, and description and click Next.
  5. In the Configuration page, specify the details:
    • Protocol (http or https): http
    • Public hostname: Public IP of Accelerite CloudPlatform
    • Public Port: 8080
    • Cloud JDBC hostname: IP of the MySQL server where Accelerite CloudPlatform is hosted
    • Cloud JDBC username: Accelerite CloudPlatform DB user
    • Cloud JDBC password: Accelerite CloudPlatform DB user password
    • SSO key: Accelerite CloudPlatform single.signon.key value (which is used by root user for single sign on into Accelerite CloudPlatform)
    • API key: Administrator's user API key
    • Secret key: Administrator's user Secret key
    • CloudPlatform domain uuid: ID of the CloudPlatform ROOT domain or any other domain you wish to use to create accounts and users
    • CloudPlatform IP List (administration port): Accelerite CloudPlatform IP:8096 (for example.
    • CloudPlatform IP List: Accelerite CloudPlatform IP:8080 (for example.
    • API Proxy suffix: csapi (or any other suffix you wish to use)
    Click Advanced Settings (optional) and specify the details:
    • Cloud database schema name:
    • Cloud Usage JDBC Hostname: Enter the cloud JDBC hostname or IP.
    • Cloud Usage JDBC username: Enter the cloud JDBC username
    • Cloud Usage database schema name: Enter the cloud database schema name
    • API Whitelist Suffix: Enter a comma separated white-list of API names.
    • API Blacklist Suffix Enter a comma separated black-list of API names.
    • Default keyboard device type for virtual machines: Valid value can be any one type from this list - de, de-ch, es, fi, fr, fr-be, fr-ch, is, it, jp, nl-be, no, pt, uk, us
    • Custom disk offering maximum size in GB.
      Note: If no value for "Custom disk offering max size in GB" is entered, a default value of 1024 GB will be set. Hence no disk offerings greater than 1024 GB will be displayed in the Start VM Wizard.
  6. Click Next. The Default Product Selections page is displayed. This is a list of products based on defined UsageTypes. For more information on usage types, refer to the section on Usage Types.
  7. Select the products that you want to create at the time of creation of the service instance. You can also edit the product name, product code, category, and required product units for each of the default products.
  8. Click Next and specify the utility charges (in all active currencies) for the products that you have selected.
  9. Review and confirm the details.
  10. Click Add and then, click Close.
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