Account Types


The Account Type usually reflects the payment arrangement that has been agreed upon with the customer and the relationship that the service provider has with the customer. The signup process varies in parts depending on the Account Type.

CloudPortal Business Manager provides a special account type called SYSTEM. The System account type represents the Service Provider and root user and can be customized in an installation. In addition, CloudPortal Business Manager offers the following three default account types:

  • Retail Account: This account type is periodically billed to a credit card on file.
  • Corporate Account: These accounts are assigned to corporates with established credit. This account type requires additional processing and hence additional time to activate.
  • Trial Account: This is a Trial account type.

As a service provider, you need not use these default account types. You can create custom account types that suit your business requirements, during the CloudPortal Business Manager implementation.

CloudPortal Business Manager assigns default parameter values to accounts that you create. You can edit the default account type parameter values for account types that you have defined. The System account type properties are view-only and cannot be edited.

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