Understanding the dashboard


The dashboard provides a summary view which varies depending on which user is logged in. When your CloudPortal installation is first set up, the gadgets and displays that are included in the dashboard for each user in your company are customized depending on your business needs.

Who Can Use the Dashboard

Every user, no matter their role, has a dashboard. The content varies depending on which user is logged in. For example:

  • The Master User of a customer account can see the users in that customer account.
  • Customers can see spend vs budget and spend by type reports.
  • The service provider's root user or Ops Admin user sees reports on new registrations and top customers.

How to Use the Dashboard

  • Log in to CloudPortal, and the dashboard is the first screen that is displayed.
  • At any time while using CloudPortal, you can return to the dashboard by clicking Home > Dashboard.
  • In Customer Summary, you can view graphs of statistics about customer activity. Click the tabs New Registrations, Top Customers to see different summary graphs. Click Complete Report to get more details on the reports.
  • In Service Health, you can get an at-a-glance summary of your cloud infrastructure's status. Click View Details to find out more.
  • In Notifications, see a summary list of recent alerts about events in your cloud. Click View all notifications to see the notifications for events and issues that are visible to your user role. Click Manage Notification Preferences to configure where your notifications will be delivered:
  • In My Tasks, you can see all the pending tasks (if any).
  • In Tickets, you can see the summary of the support tickets based on the ticket status.
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