Channel-specific product usage and spend data

Cloud service providers generally sell their cloud services through resellers and resellers then sell these cloud services to their tenants through channels. The service provider can map a channel or multiple channels to a specific reseller. While resellers sell subscriptions to various product bundles and bill their tenants accordingly, the cloud service providers bill the resellers for the product usage or consumption at utility rates. The service providers need usage data per product or for all products together to be able to charge their resellers and/or distributors. CPBM generates channel level usage reports that form the basis of billing the resellers by the service provider. Product usage data by channel is also essential to understand the consumption patterns.

Aggregated usage and spend data is provided for:
  • All accounts in a channel (all accounts that belong to a given reseller)
  • All channels in a billing group (all resellers that belong to a given distributor)

Product usage reports

Two types of product usage reports can be generated:
  • On a per channel basis
  • On a per billing group basis (the billing group corresponds to a group of channels that belong to a reseller/distributor)

The product usage report by channel provides the usage of products during the period specified for the selected channel. The aggregation is done on a per product basis. Where some channels are grouped (for example, those that belong to a distributor), the product usage report by billing group gives the usage of products aggregated across all channels belonging to that distributor during the period specified. You can download the usage information as a CSV file.

For information on reports, refer to Reports.

Channel-specific billing data

The billing export job runs daily and generates the following information:
  • Account statements posted the day before
  • Invoices posted the day before
  • Payments and credits made the day before
  • Payment failures that occurred the day before

After the billing export job runs successfully, all posted account statements of any particular channel get created inside a folder having name same as channel code at the location mentioned in the and exported to the export.URL as specified in Configuration > Portal > Billing. For example,/tmp/cloud/portal/billing-export/DailyAccountStatementStream/target/<channel_code>/. Similarly, invoices, payments and credits, and payment failures also get stored in the respective folders. The service provider can use this information for further processing.

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