Account Statement

Every billing period, CPBM posts an account statement that provides information about the current state of the account from a billing perspective. In the 'current' billing period, CPBM attempts to keep an accurate record of the user's spend on a daily basis. However, until the account statement is posted, the information in the current account statement should be considered subject to modification. In this state, the account statement is considered to be in a PROVISIONAL state. Once posted, the account statement is in a POSTED state. All POSTED account statements are read only and will not be modified by the system ever again.

Balance Forward

Every month, an account statement is initialized in a PROVISIONAL state with its opening balance the same as the Net Balance of the previous month's POSTED account statement, essentially carrying the previous account statement's balance forward. This amount is represented as the *Balance Forward*. This is always guaranteed to be the same as the previous month's posted account statement.

The only exception is to this rule is that on the date of invoicing, there is a lag between midnight and the time the account statement is computed and posted, during which the account balance of the current month will not reflect the last day's charges. This will be corrected once the previous account statement is posted.

Payments and Credits

All payments made and service credits issued to the customer are recorded and aggregated in this section. Automated payments for the previous account statement will be credited in the current account statement, as payments are made against posted account statements only.


All charges to the account are accrued and aggregated in this section. All accrued charges are recorded as invoices in CPBM.

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