Lifecycle Management

A connector integrated with CPBM is required to reflect entities created in CPBM in the corresponding Cloud Service and is responsible for keeping these entities in sync with CPBM during their lifecycle in CPBM. There are 4 entities created in CPBM that need synchronization. They are:
  • Channel: Channels represent customer segmentation in CPBM. They may refer to Geographies, selling channels, resellers, partners etc.
  • Account: Accounts (sometimes referred to as Tenants) represent customer billabile entities. This is the entity against which usage is aggregated and invoices are generated.
  • User: Users represent actual people interacting with the system. Users can provision and consume resources in an account. While CPBM can track usage at a user level, billing is aggregated at an account level.
  • Subscription: Subscriptions are specific commitments for resources that are purchased by users. Users may acquire resources without commitments. These will not be attached to subscriptions, and will be charged on a utility basis. Users own subscriptions and resources.

While subscriptions are tied to resources from specific services, the Channel, Account and User entities are cross service entities, and represent the core organizational structure in CPBM. The following figure shows the organization of these entities in CPBM.

Figure 1. Organizational Structure of CPBM entities

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