A template is a reusable configuration for virtual machines. When users launch VMs, they can choose from a list of templates. A template is a virtual disk image that includes an OS type and is associated with a hypervisor type.

Template details:

Name: Name of the template

Hypervisor: Hypervisor of the template

State: Description of the template

ID: Template ID

Zone ID: ID of the zone where the template is available

Display Text: Description of the template

Type: Type of template, whether public or private

OS Type: OS type of the template

Password Enabled: Whether the template has password change script installed

Public: Whether the template is accessible to all users of the service

Account: Account to which the template belongs

Domain: Domain to which the template belongs

Created: Timestamp when the template was created

Adding a Template

  1. Click Add New.
  2. Specify the following:
    • Name: Name for the template
    • Display Text: Description of the template
    • URL: The URL that hosts the image
    • Zone: Zone where the template will be available
    • OS Type: Select the OS type of the image
    • Hypervisor: Hypervisor type
    • Format: Image format
    • Password Enabled: Specify yes for password reset feature that allows users to set a temporary admin or root password as well as reset the existing admin or root password.
  3. Select the check box to accept the terms and conditions and click OK.

Searching and filtering templates

The Templates tab lists all templates. As a master user/power user/normal user, you can find a particular template/templates by using the search and filter options. The option to search and filter is visible in the CPBM UI only if the CloudPlatform Connector version supports search and filter operations for templates.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as master user/power user/normal user.
  2. Either click My Services and then click the desired CloudPlatform service instance tab or click Manage Resources and then click the desired CloudPlatform service instance link.
  3. Click the Templates tab.
  4. In the Search box, specify the template name and click Enter.
  5. To filter the list of templates:
    1. Click the Filter icon.
    2. Select any or all of the filter options such as zone and hypervisor, and select the desired filter parameter from the dropdown list.
    3. Click Go!.
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