My Services Tab


The My Services tab allows the Master user to sign up for services offered by the service provider. The various services offered by the service provider are listed by the cloud service type and service instance.


Enabling a service

As a Master user, you can enable a service for the users of your account. Refer to Enabling a service.



All services enabled for the account are listed in the My Services tab. For each service instance enabled for your account, the user has the following links:
  • Manage Resources
  • Subscribe to Bundles
  • My Settings
  • View Utility Rates

In addition, all enabled service instances are listed in different tabs. A user can also click the links to directly access the resource management console of that service instance.


Managing Resources

You can access the resource management console and manage the resources. For more information on managing the resources, contact your service provider for the user guide for a particular service.


Subscribing to Bundles

For more information on subscribing to bundles, refer to the section on Subscriptions.


My Settings

The My Settings link allows you to generate SSH keys and upload them. This option is available for the CloudPlatform and ACS cloud services.

SSH Keys:

SSH keys are used for authentication into a newly launched VM. You can connect to a VM without using a username and password, by using the SSH keys. For this to work, user has to either upload a private key for which the public key is saved locally, or generate a key pair and save the generated public key locally. And then, select any key while launching the VM. This option is available for the Accelerite CloudPlatform cloud service.
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as a user.
  2. Click My Services tab.

    You can see the list of all applicable service instances (enabled for the user) in the right pane. Select the desired service instance.

  3. Click My Settings.

    This will redirect you to SSH Key settings page where you can generate SSH Keys and upload SSH Keys.

  4. To generate the SSH key, provide the key name and click Generate.
  5. To upload the SSH key, provide the key name and copy the public key in the text box, and then click Upload.

Viewing Utility Rates

A product is a basic unit of consumption in CloudPortal Business Manager and every product has a utility or unit price associated with it. You can view utility rates for all products of the service instance.
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager as a normal user.
  2. Click My Services.
  3. Select the service instance and click View Utility Rates.
  4. View the products and their corresponding per unit rates.
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