Managing company settings


As a master user of a customer account, you can manage your company settings such as company contact information, credit card information, and billing address. You can monitor your account information and billing details. The actions that you can perform depend on your account type.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Master user.
  2. Click the drop-down menu icon in the top right corner next to your name and click Company Setup.
  3. Click the Contact tab.
  4. In the Edit Company Info section, click Edit.
  5. Make the changes as required and click Save.
  6. You are required to provide a credit card number and other payment details when first signing up with CloudPortal Business Manager. To edit your credit card information and billing address:
    1. Click the Billing and Payment tab.
    2. To edit your credit card information, click Edit in the Credit Card section, make the required changes, and click Save.
    3. To edit your billing address information, click Edit in the Billing Address section, make the required changes, and click Save.
    • The Billing and Payment tab is not visible to a Trial Master user (if the account type is trial).
    • Credit Card information is visible to a Retail Master user (if the account type is retail).
  7. Retail and Trial account users can request for a conversion of their account type:
    1. Click Request Account Type Conversion.
    2. Select the account type and click Save. By default, the following conversions are supported (can be customized by the service provider):
      • Trial to Retail
      • Trial to Corporate
      • Retail to Corporate
  8. To view your account details, click the General tab. You can view the activation details, billing details, account information such as account type, customer ID, and the master user of the customer account.
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