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Accelerite Releases CloudPlatform Version 4.7

Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7 is here! The CloudPlatform software pools computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. CloudPlatform manages the network, storage, and the compute nodes that make up the cloud infrastructure. Hundreds of Enterprises and Telcos/Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) use CloudPlatform at scale to deploy, manage, configure – and sell - cloud computing environments.

Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7 includes new features in Compute, Networking, Operations, and Quality Improvements. 

  • Compute: New support for Windows workloads on Bare-metal, preview of Core OS  support, provision and manage XA/XD on HP Moonshot blade servers
  • Networking: Tight integration with NetScaler Control Center (NCC), NetScaler Inline Mode; further refinements to Virtual Router (VR) management to minimize downtime
  • Operations: Externalization of Non-US Keyboard and LDAP enhancements
  • Quality Improvements: Continued investment in product quality and supportability; minimizing downtime for VR updates, Snapshot improvements, performance improvements, and introduction of ACP Doctor to help diagnose, tune, and resolve issues more quickly

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version 4.7 is available for logged in users of the Accelerite Support Portal at:

As a new customer, you can directly install CloudPlatform version 4.7. Existing customers can upgrade to CloudPlatform version 4.7 from the following earlier releases of CloudPlatform:

  • CloudPlatform 4.5.1
  • CloudPlatform 4.5
  • CloudPlatform 4.3
  • CloudPlatform 4.2
  • CloudPlatform 3.0.7

APIs that have been modified as part of CloudPlatform 4.7 are documented in the API reference pages. For more information, see the API Reference (downloadable .zip).

The issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in CloudPlatform version 4.7 are documented in the Accelerite CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack) Version 4.7 Release Notes. Also, this Release Notes contains information on Support Matrix and Known Issues.

All Accelerite CloudPlatform version 4.7 product manuals are available at: