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Database support for CloudPlatform and database availability

I have a customer using cloudplatform + cloudportal running on a bunch of servers, everything working fine. We tried to make the core infrastructure as highly available as possible, but - mysql has no native clustering, so my question is:

To citrix - do you plan supporting other databases like postgre or oracle db?
To all fellow forum members - any hints on how to make mysql DB highly available?

Right now we have two mysql servers with mysql replication that works most of the time, so if one node crashes bad, we have the data on second node and are able to bring it up in a few minutes. We also use mysql-proxy so we have a single DNS name for our mysql and don't need to reconfigure cloudstack and cloudportal nodes.

We have tried using mysql-cluster (2 node active/active mysql), but this is not supported by citrix and also we had some trouble running it. How do you solve this, or do you don't do anything with mysql? :)

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Database support for CloudPlatform and database availability


We have implemented CloudPlatform and CloudPortal in highly available configurations for customers and have explored/implemented MySQL clustering options such as Galera synchronous clusters. However, such clustering is not supported by Citrix so we have had to revert to MySQL active/passive replication.

So technically it is possible, it just needs Citrix's seal of approval.


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TARIQ IQBAL MEMBERS 10 February 2013 - 23:17 PM
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The reason the CCP doesn't support MySQL Clusters, from my understanding, is that CCP requires the InnoDB engine which isn't available in Cluster mode.

What I have done in the past, that has worked quite well, is to setup "Master-Master" replication between two MySQL servers. I've then used Heartbeat/Corosync to move a VIP from the "normal" master to the "backup" master in the case of a failure scenario. Configuring it that way ensure that only one node is doing writes at any given time.

If you have the management application and mysql running on the same nodes, another option would be to do master-master and have each application configured to use localhost for its database. This introduces writes to multiple writers and I'm not sure CCP has been written to do this safely. I've run a similar setup in test environments and haven't seen any issues, but your mileage may vary.

Both of the above configurations are outside of Citrix's reference architecture, so I'm not sure of the level of support you can expect from them. Ideally Citrix would include an HA configuration example in the reference architectures so we can stop having to "fake" it.


Mike Little MEMBERS 01 May 2013 - 22:19 PM
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