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Erik Godin

Upgrade console proxy SSL certitficate

I'm reading:




The instructions for "upload custom certificate" stat" give the following as the command to be used:




http://<IPAddress>:<Port>/client/api?command=uploadCustomCerti ficate&id=<ID>&sessionkey=<SESSION_KEY>&name=<NAME>&domai nsuffix=<DOMAIN_SUFFIX>&certificate<URL_ENCODED_CERTIFICATE>.






When I refer to the API guide I don't see anything for sessionkey, does anyone know what this value should be?  I'm referring to the 3.0.6 API documentation as that's what's linked to on the CCP 3.0.7 documentation page.





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Upgrade console proxy SSL certitficate

Hi Eric,


"SessionKey" is retunrned if you use the login API This is assuming you are tryin to upload the key as admin and through 8080 port.


In case you have port 8096 port open in CCP you may not have to use the session key while going through that port as admin.







Abhisek Basu CITRIX EMPLOYEES 08 September 2014 - 06:20 AM
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Erik Godin

Thank you for your help Abhisek.  I do have one more question relating to SysVMs.  The following article details the steps required to replace the console proxy SSL certificate.  In it, it states:


Backup of existing System VM ISO Ensure to backup the existing systemvm.iso (copy systemvm.iso under /usr/share/cloudstack-­?common/vms to a temporary location).




/usr/share/cloudstack-common doesn't exist.  A quick search of the system shows systemvm.iso exists under more than one location:






Is there a way to determine which one is being used?

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