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Vida Azimi

Feedback on user friendlyness of the portal

I would like to pass on some feedback from my experience and my colleagues

  • Would be nice and useful to be able to open more than one ticket at a time in parallel.
  • Sort cases based on last update, right from the top of the date column 
  • Name of the last person who comment on the case

I would like to be able to open multiple case in tabs within one window and have more option on sorting the cases.



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Hi Vida

We can't meet all of your requests but I'll help where I can.

1. Open more than one cases at a time : we don't have this functionality but it should be achievable by right clicking and opening cases in a new browser tab.

2. Sort cases based on last update - this is possible by using the 'Search requests' bar. Note this is not the main search page but the search bar specific to the request. You can then sort cases by using the command - order_by:updated . We'll look into this and see if it is possible to turn the headers into links for more automated sorting by fields.

3. Name of the last person to comment on a case - this would require a major re-design, we'll discuss this but the earliest a feature like this would be available would be the next major upgrade to the support portal.


Accelerite Support


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