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Jim Longo

Using the new Software Download Manager in CP4 to deliver Windows 10 installation media

Starting with Radia 10 CP4, Software Download Manager is enabled by default. The Download Manager will download bits in the background using only radstgrq.exe and will not consume a Radia connect.

Refer to the 10.0CP4_Guides/New_Features_10.0_CP4.pdf starting on page 54 for detailed information on the new Software Download Management feature in CP4. 

Using preload=b initiates the background transfer of files to the endpoint.  

These instructions are for example WINDOWS_1903_ESD. This will deliver the Windows 10 install media to the end point in the background.  The Windows 10 ISO was extracted and published using basic component select mode. 


  • Download the ISO, extract and publish the media. Example WINDOWS_1903_ESD


NOTE: After the service is published open the CSDB and set desired bandwidth throttling on the service.



  • Assign WINDOWS_1903_ESD in Policy, NOTE: The service is set to Optional so it can be targeted using sname=WINDOWS_1903_ESD


  • Create a preload background job or new timer instance to initiate the background transfer of WINDOWS_1903_ESD. Use sname=WINDOWS_1903_ESD and preload=b to enable the background transfer of the WINDOWS_1903_ESD service. Since this is a preload no radtray is available during this operation. The radstrgq.exe process runs while the transfer is running and will start and stop with system reboots, etc.

NOTE: Use DNAME=RADSTAGE or leave DNAME= off the command line so it will be automatically set to RADSTAGE.

Radskman.exe mname=radia,dname=RADSTAGE,uid=$MACHINE,ip=jlongoR11,port=3464,cat=prompt,cop=y,context=m,LOG=connect_preload_software.log,LOGSIZE=4096000,mnt=n,dname=radstage,sname=WIN10_1909_ESD,preload=b,rcsuri=tcp://jlongoR11:3464,datauri=http://jlongoR11:3466


  • The service exists under the RADSTAGE folder


  • The data is downloaded to the DATA folder


  • After the preload completes create a new job or timer instance to build the media, note the preload=b has been removed.

Radskman.exe mname=radia,uid=$MACHINE,ip=jlongoR10,port=3464,cat=prompt,cop=y,context=m,LOG=connect_preload_software.log,LOGSIZE=4096000,mnt=n,sname=WINDOWS_1903_ESD,dname=software


  • The new connect runs like a normal Radia connect and will display in the radtray.


  • Once complete the media should exist in the expected folder.


  • Review the new Download reporting in ReportingServer to see status of downloads for devices and services.



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