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Vida Azimi
List cases open for specific duration

I want to list all the cases open during 2016 and it's priorities.

I use " >=2016" this list the open cases starting 2016 till now, then for the category, each ticket has to be open to be able to see the priority of it.

Has to be a better way...


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Vida Azimi
Feedback on user friendlyness of the portal

I would like to pass on some feedback from my experience and my colleagues

  • Would be nice and useful to be able to open more than one ticket at a time in parallel.
  • Sort cases based on last update, right from the top of the date column 
  • Name of the last person who comment on the case

I would like to be able to open multiple case in tabs within one window and have more option on sorting the cases.



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Kenichiro Okizaki
Can I filter status as "Not Solved" from "My Support" page ?

I want to see both "Open" and "Awaiting your reply" cases.


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Craig Tonner
Can't find My Organisation within My Support

Prior to the change over I could access my colleagues support cases via "My Organisation".

How can I do this now?

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Kamal Kumar Das
Unable to attached volume
Primary storage 25% utilize, Bun iam not able to attached volume getting error message no suitable primary storage . threshold 95% where is the problem please help me
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