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Announcement Radia (Sentient Endpoint Manager) 11.0

Download Radia 11.0


Accelerite and the Radia team is happy to announce the availability of our latest Radia release – Radia 11.0.

From Radia 10.0 CP4 onwards, the focus has been on four key areas – Security, Insights, Automation, and Continuity. Apart from many other features, the key aspect of CP4 was the ease of migration. We have continued to further enhance the migration experience for this new release.

Radia 11.0 offers an extensive range of new features and enhancements over Radia 10.0 CP4 & CP5 in the key areas and beyond, that will help you manage your endpoint infrastructure more efficiently.

Here is a quick overview of what is new in Radia 11.0 in the respective key areas:


  • Advanced Patch Manager – Radia Advanced Patch Manager extends the patch management capabilities beyond OS patches. Radia now supports more than 100 third party applications of various OEMs.
  • CSP Fixes on Radia Console – With a brand new UI, in Radia 11.0 we have also fixed some legacy CSP issues. Radia console is now much more secure.
  • Security & Compliance Updates (SCAP 1.2 and CVSS 3.0 Support) – An enhancement is made to the Radia Security and Compliance Management feature to monitor and manage security vulnerabilities and configuration compliance across your environment. Radia is integrated with Accelerite Content Network to obtain the latest vulnerabilities, compliance definitions, and security and compliance scanners. The scanner is now SCAP 1.2 compliant. The scanner is now compatible with CVSS 3.0 scoring system. In this release we have also added CentOS as a supported platform for Radia Security & Compliance.

Insights & Visibility:

  • Radia Remote Control Updates – The Radia Advanced Remote Control feature enables users to take a VNC session on devices remotely using an elegant email-based approval workflow. In this release, we have added support for load balancers. A remote control request can now reach any of the satellites for a handshake with the VNC server (agent device).
  • Radia Device Discovery – The Radia Device Discovery feature enables you to discover all devices within a subnet or subnet range in your environment that are not managed by Radia. In addition, reports are generated to analyze such devices and deploy agents accordingly.
  • Smart Agent Monitoring – Delivered as a delta update on 11.0, Smart Agent Monitoring allows administrators to select and view near real time status of Smart Agents functioning in a single/multiple subnets. This feature allows administrators to monitor health of smart agents, online/offline status, current operation being performed, cache size and more.
  • Smart Agent Analytics – Delivered as a delta update on 11.0, Smart Agent Analytics allows administrators to understand detailed statistics of Smart Agent operations over a period of time. The statistics include – Total duration of leadership, no. of files served, amount of data downloaded and served, current cache size and more.


  • Remote Command Execution Framework – Currently available with Radia remote control feature, this allows administrators to execute any default or custom command on a device or a group. This feature is protected by Role Based Access Controls to ensure the security of operation.
  • Heartbeat based Job Execution Framework – Traditionally, Radia supported two ways of policy management, deployments, and Job execution – DTM and Notify. Notify is a strong tool to immediately notify the agents for job execution but requires a listening port on the agents. With heartbeat based job execution framework, the requirement of having a listening port on the agent devices is eliminated.

Business Continuity and Modernization:

  • 64-bit support – Support for Apache and Java components.
  • Radia Smart Agents – Radia Smart Agents are the next generation Radia Agents (delivered over 10.0 CP4 as a hotfix) that have the capability to download the data and serve it to the other agents. As part of this release, we have added more intelligence in the Leadership election process. We have also added a built in load balancer to reduce load on the leader for data download and delivery (available as a delta update on Radia 11.0).
  • Installer Upgrade – – Radia 11.0 installer is migrated from Wise to InstallShield resulting in a better installation and migration experience to new and existing customers.
  • New Refreshed UI – Radia 11.0 UI has been upgraded to HTML5 /Angular 13. This provides a new and fresh look and feel to the administrators.

List of Third-Party Upgrades

Below are some of the third-party upgrades that are delivered as a part of 11.0:

  • OpenSSL 1.1.1q
  • Wildfly 26.1.0
  • Support for MySQL versions (Community and Enterprise Editions)
    • MySQL 8.0.29
    • MySQL 8.0.30
  • Apache 2.4.54
  • OpenLDAP 2.4.57
  • JRE Corretto 8.342.07.3
  • JRE Oracle 1.8.0_341

In addition to the above, this release includes several maintenance and bug fixes that improve performance, scale, and usability.

Download Radia 11.0 and try out its features and capabilities. Feel free to get in touch with us at or to know more about Radia 11.0. For more updates on Accelerite and its products, refer to the Product Manager Blog.