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Announcement for Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform 1.0.0

Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform version 1.0.0 is here!

Persistent is pleased to announce the Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform release for customers who want consolidated management across public cloud entities and want to collaboratively manage cross-platform infrastructure resources seamlessly from a single interface.

Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform is a solution to pool computing and infrastructure resources attached to private and public clouds under a unified management platform. Organizations can manage and monitor their cloud infrastructure, migrate them across cloud platforms, secure resources using disaster recovery, integrate billing, and much more.

The Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform includes the following unique features:

  • Provisioning and Orchestration Standardize operations across multiple clouds
  • Kubernetes To create, manage Kubernetes clusters and deploy, manage workloads on Kubernetes cluster
  • Account Management Tenants and users across a multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Security Automated alerts, security policies, and validation
  • Costing and Budgeting Visibility and control over all tenants and users
  • Disaster Recovery Protect workloads in a multi-cloud environment
  • Migration Migrate workloads within a multi-cloud environment

Logged-in users can click the following links to view the Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform artifacts:

  • Click here to download the product

    File name—

    MD5 Checksum—65bbdbcfa54dd842010c005fd417e21e

  • Click here to access the product documents
  • Release Notes to know what is Persistent MultiCloud Management Platform and its features
  • Click here to view the performance and scalability recommendations for this Platform
  • Click here to view the compatibility matrix of this Platform
  • Root Administrator Videos to view the videos that showcase the Platform features
  • Account Administrator Videos to view the videos that showcase the Platform features
  • Installation Guide to view the steps to install the downloaded product
  • Administration Guide to use the Platform UI
  • Configuration Guide to configure the Platform in your environment