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CloudPortal Business Manager is a cloud services delivery and operations platform for delivering self service IT-as-a-service to consumers. It is targeted towards both Service Providers as well as Enterprise IT organizations and provides a wide range of business operations features include built in billing and spend tracking engines, product and catalog management, self serviceability of resources, integrations with payment gateways and fraud control systems. In addition, CloudPortal Business Manager has features uniquely designed for the needs of enterprises such as AD Integration and approval based workflows. CloudPortal Business Manager is also localized and can operate in 8 languages and 160+ currencies, making it readily deployable in global environments.

Originally developed as a B/OSS suite for delivering Infrastructure as a service, CloudPortal Business Manager provides a powerful platform for packaging, delivering and metering a custom set of cloud services to users. As an open and extensible platform, cloud operators, and administrators can leverage the newly available SDKs to offer cloud services beyond IaaS, and seamlessly integrate with existing business and operations systems. CloudPortal Business Manager is going to help cloud builders in three main ways:
  • Deliver Anything-as-a-Service from a customizable catalog of services capable of delivering IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, 3rd party cloud services and enterprise.
  • Empower users with self-service access to the cloud and IT services, infrastructure and account management tools they need from an easy to use cloud services "storefront".
  • Simplify cloud services management by unifying and automating services provisioning, B/OSS systems, billing and metering and user management under a single, extensible platform.