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List of behavioral changes

Following list describes the list of features where behavior is changed in CloudPortal™ Business Manager 1.4.x. This list is addition to all the design changes stated in the earlier sections in this document. For more information on the feature list, refer to CloudPortal Business Manager 2.x documentation.
  • If any bundle has more than one revision in current billing cycle & has an active subscription corresponding to it, then the subscription will be charged based on the most recent subscription charge of that bundle in the channel.

  • Subscription has been decoupled from resource provisioning in CloudPortal Business Manager 2.x onwards. For example, destroying the resource does not terminate the subscription to which that resource was tied to. The subscription will continue to be charged, and user can re-provision a resource under that subscription.
  • There is no restriction on launching a VM for a specific service offering and template group combination. On the contrary, in CloudPortal Business Manager 1.4.x, there were some constraints based on combination of service offering and template groups.
  • Payment need not be done for a specific invoice. That means payments are now account wise and can be made even if there is no invoice due. Payments are decoupled from invoice. All payments are credited to account balance which is reflected in Account statement.
  • In CloudPortal Business Manager 1.4.x, the entitlements are shared across all the users of the account whereas in CloudPortal Business Manager 2.x. onwards, the entitlements are user specific.
  • Product Bundles cannot be removed from CloudPortal Business Manager 2.x. onwards.
  • CloudPortal Business Manager 2.x will track the daily usage and daily spend per user, per day by default. It is not so in the older versions (unless configured). However, even if CloudPortal Business Manager 1.4.x is configured to use user daily usage data, the user usage data will not be migrated on daily basis. Adjustment invoice will be created for each user for the earlier usage while migrating.
  • Logs of CloudPortal Business Manager from versions 2.x onwards are present in /usr/share/cloud/portal/logs/cpbm-server.log.
  • Service Provider will no longer be able to set up Service Health status and Maintenance specific to a Accelerite CloudPlatform zone. These will have to be set for specific service instance