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Account Statement Adjuster

The service provider can adjust an account statement prior to posting, in case any additional invoices or credits need to be applied to the account statement. A hook for customization is provided to plug in custom code that can take an account statement and either add credits or debits to it.

The following interface AccountStatementAdjuster has been added:
public interface AccountStatementAdjuster  { public void afterCreate(AccountStatement accountstatement);     public void beforePost(AccountStatement accountstatement); } 

There is no default implementation for this interface. It can be implemented as customization. You may chose to implement just one or both methods. The implementation should be put in the citrix.cpbm.custom.common package.

This functionality can be configured by editing the file applicationContext-admin-customizations.xml inside the citrix.cpbm.custom package:

  1. Add the entry:
    <bean name="accountStatementAdjuster" class="<Above mentioned implementation>" />
  2. Publish the bean to OSGi registry. Add entry-
    <osgi:service interface="com.citrix.cpbm.filters.AccountStatementAdjuster" ref="accountStatementAdjuster"/>
    in osgi-context.xml available at src/main/resources/META-INF/spring in the citrix.cpbm.custom.common bundle.
  3. After making the necessary changes, rebuild the custom packages as documented in Installing and building custom components.