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CPBM Admin Utility

CPBM Admin utility provides easy way to perform certain tasks required to be done by CPBM admin. These tasks are usually like providing database dump, logs, and so on for analyzing issues. This util is available from CPBM 2.2.1 onwards.

Location of the script is: /usr/share/vts3/tools/cpbm


./cpbm [OPTIONS]

The util takes the following arguments:
  • -p: Profile. Possible values are Perf and Other. Default is Other
    1. Other profile collects below info:
      • CPBM logs of last n days, where n is another argument passed
      • Billing activity file of last n days, where n is another argument passed
      • Foot print of entire /usr/share/vts3 directory
      • JVM arguments with which CPBM was started
      • Result of netstat
      • Version of JDK
      • Version of Python
      • Hostname
      • Operating system
      • Date
      • Timezone offset
      • IP tables
      • Network interfaces
      • Memory and CPU utilization (using 'top')
      • configuration file. (available at /usr/share/vts3/repository/prop)
      • (available at /usr/share/vts3/config)
      • All virgo plan files available under /usr/share/vts3/pickup, /usr/share/vts3/patches, /usr/share/vts3/connectors/, and /usr/share/vts3/connectors_ext
    2. Perf profile collects thread dump and heap dump in addition to the information collected in Other profile
  • -d: Flag to collect database dump. Default is n. If passed as "y", it collects CPBM database dump. This should be passed as "y" only at one of the CPBM nodes in the cluster. If passed "y" from all nodes it will generate same database dump once for each node.
  • -n: Number of days for which CPBM logs and billing activity file need to be collected. Default is 1
  • -h: Prints help for the CPBM util

The database dump, logs collected as output of the script will be available at /usr/share/vts3/dumps/cpbm_dumps_<timestamp>, and if admin does not want to provide any info then s/he can selectively delete any file from this dump. In such case admin must inform support about the missing piece of information.