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What's New in CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5

CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Wirecard Payment Gateway

 CloudPortal Business Manager Version 2.5 supports Wirecard payment gateway.


As an attempt to enhance the business opportunities and widen the customer base, a service provider can use the Re-seller feature available with CPBM. Apart from doing business with the customers directly, service providers can, now, assign re-sellers under them. A re-seller can sell the product bundles and packages to their customers on the basis of a profit-sharing agreement with the service provider. This helps service providers reach out to more customers and expand their business.

A company, which is interested in becoming a re-seller for a service provider, sends a request to the service provider for a re-seller account through a designated administrator. On receiving the request for a re-seller account, the service provider assesses the business interest of the company of the requester in becoming a re-seller and the feasibility of doing business with them. Then, the discussions on the terms and conditions of doing business with the re-seller and the details of profit-sharing are pursued. After the service provider and the re-seller are convinced about their cooperation, the service provider proceeds to accept the re-seller administrator’s request. Then, the service provider creates a channel for the re-seller. This helps the service provider configure the price of the product bundle for a specific re-seller. Also, the service provider can decide whether to permit the re-seller to modify the channel prize of the product bundle.

For more information, see Managing Re-seller Accounts


CPBM 2.5.0 supports the concept of projects. This feature enables specific users in an account to launch and share resources with a cloud service. A project is an entity between an account and a user. An account can have multiple projects with one or more users as members. Also, the project administrator can enable or disable services for a project from the services that are enabled for the account. Before launching and sharing resources for a cloud service under a project, the users must ensure that that cloud service also supports the projects. Currently, Accelerite CloudPlatform (ACP) and Apache CloudStack (ACS) connectors provide this support.

For more information, see  Managing Projects

Tiered Pricing Model

CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5 introduces the Tiered Pricing Model. As per this pricing model, the enterprise administrator or the service provider can split the product pricing into several units and charge them on the basis of the tier unit levels.

Support for Accelerite CloudPlatform Features

CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5 supports the following, new Accelerite CloudPlatform features:

   • Resize Root Disk

  • SSL Termination

  • Destination CIDR in the Egress Rules

  • Portable IP Address

  • vGPU Support