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Fixed Issues

The following are the customer-reported issues resolved in this release:

Issue ID Description

Problem: Currently, if a user subscribes to a bundle in the middle of a billing cycle, the subscription charge and the entitlements are prorated based on the number of days available in the billing cycle. It is required to toggle whether or not to enable this prorate feature.

Solution: Introduced a configuration property in CPBM where the root user can toggle this behavior. The root user can set this property only during the initial application setup. By default, this will be enabled. To disable the prorate feature when upgrading from a previous release, see the Migration Guide.


Problem: The BSS API should provide an API to update resource limits of accounts.

Solution: Following APIs are added:

• GET /accounts/{tenantUuid}/services/{serviceInstanceUuid}/serviceControls - This API lists the names and values of all service controls for the given service instance.

• GET /accounts/{tenantUuid}/services/{serviceInstanceUuid}/serviceControls/{controlName} - This API returns the value for the given control name.

• PUT /accounts/{tenantUuid}/services/{serviceInstanceUuid}/serviceControls/{controlName} - This API updates the given control name with the specified value.


Problem: CPBM should support the Affinity Groups feature that enables the users to create groups, remove groups, and associate VMs to affinity groups.

Solution: Incorporated the Affinity Groups feature in CPBM.


Problem: Billing system is not error proof. If an error occurs, the whole billing system fails.

Root Cause: This occurs when a particular resource is deleted from the Accelerite CloudPlatform database.

Solution: Incorporated code to handle such error situations.


Problem: The UI for VM snapshot creation displays the Snapshot Memory option even for VMs in the Stopped state.

Solution: The Snapshot Memory option has been disabled when the VM is in the Stopped state.


Problem: Enhance the BSS API to reset password, sign-up, and approve finance.

Solution: Implemented new APIs to support signing up, resetting password, approving finance.


Problem: Invoices do not display the utility charges in sequential order.

Solution: Fixed the code to display the utility charges in sequential order.


Problem: Applying prices has been moved from the reference catalog to the channel catalogs.

Solution: You can update prices in the reference catalog. It will be replicated to the selected channels.


Problem: Ability to archive or delete events table records of CPBM database is missing.

Solution: A shell script that allows administrators to archive and trim usage_data and events tables has been created.