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Upgrade Mechanism


In a multinode environment, code upgrade (execute the command ./ with option U) must be performed on all the servers, but the shell script for database (DB) upgrade has to be run on one of the nodes only.


It is assumed that the earlier setup of CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) v2.3.x through 2.4.x is upgraded to CPBM v2.5 on the same setup where it was running earlier. No changes to the setup are made during the process of upgrade.


Rollback mechanism

On upgrade failure, none of the automatic restoration is supported. However, CloudPortal Business Manager database (DB) dump is automatically backed up and stored at /usr/share/cloud/portal/upgrade-dump/. After successful upgrade, the dump file can be moved to some other location.
Note: It is strongly recommended to save these backup file(s) for longer time in case of any data issue discovered after migration.