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Upgrade steps

  • Accelerite CloudPlatform management server must be up and running while performing the CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) upgrade.
  • Make sure that you take a backup of CPBM database (DB).
  • If upgrade fails, automatic system rollback is not supported. It is therefore strongly recommended to take the complete VM backup or snapshot of the CPBM server and DB.
  • For CPBM 2.5, the supported MySQL server version is 5.6. Therefore, you must first complete the upgrade to MySQL 5.6.
  • For CPBM 2.5, the supported Java version is 1.7. During the upgrade process, select "y" to upgrade to Java 1.7.
  • Make sure that the cloud-portal service is stopped before the upgrade is performed. In a clustered setup, the cloud-portal service must be stopped on all nodes before upgrade.
  • Before upgrade, if the file contains encrypted values of any property, they must be replaced by the clear-text (or decrypted) values. These properties can be replaced by encrypted values post upgrade. The file path is: /etc/cloud/portal/cloud.porperties.
  • The value of the following MySQL variables must be 1:
    • auto_increment_increment
    • auto_increment_offset

    Use this MySQL command to check the value of the variables:

     mysql> show variables like '%increment%'
    If current value of these variables is anything other than 1, then use the following command to update their values:
     mysql> SET @@auto_increment_increment=1;   mysql> SET @@auto_increment_offset=1;  
Requirement Version
CloudPortal Business Manager (old) 2.3.x to 2.4.x (any)
CloudPortal Business Manager (new) 2.5.0
Python Default with CentOS (Python 2.6 for CentOS 6.3)
Use the following commands:
yum -y install MySQL-python
yum -y install unzip
yum –y install mysql
if you want to
  • install the required packages, if they do not exist
  • update the packages with their respective latest version