The BSS APIs represent the set of business-related services exposed by the CPBM that are used to implement a cloud service. The BSS API provides a ReSTful (Representational State Transfer) web service interface and supports four possible actions (Get, Put, Post, and Delete) on exposed resources and supports responses in either XML or JSON response formats. A resource is an individual data entity with a unique identifier. All the resources support an expanded view and a minimal view of the data structure.


By default, the BSS APIs return JSON. To request a specific format, the API call can be appended with a suffix, currently only .json and .xml, which will return JSON and XML respectively.


When the client sends a request to the server for a particular action, the server performs the action and sends a response in the form of a representation of the specified resource. While it is possible to invoke the API via HTTP or HTTPS, Accelerite recommends you to run the API through HTTPS with mutual certificate-based authentication. This allows the CloudPortal Business Manager to establish a trusted link with the calling portal.


Every API request has the following format: Base URL+Base API Path+ REST API Path+Parameter String+Signature. The following example illustrates the typical values of an API request:

  1. Base URL: Base URL to the CPBM Server-


  2. Base API Path: Path to the base API Servlet that processes the incoming requests-


  3. REST API Path: Path to CPBM rest api controller-

    for example, /accounts

  4. Parameter String: Includes the Timestamp + API key. Additional parameters depend on the resource requested-


    (Timestamp (_) is system current time in milliseconds. By default, timestamp is valid for 5 minutes. This can be configured on a need basis)

  5. Signature: The signature changes with every request and is generated using a keyed-HMAC method with the secret key, REST API path, and the contents of the parameter string. The secret key is provided as a parameter to the keyed-HMAC method. Generated signature (example)-


    Note: Refer to Generating the Signature to understand how to generate the signature & link it to the corresponding location.
  6. The final URL:



Before you begin to use the BSS API, you should have:

  • Access to the CloudPortal server that you wish to integrate with.
  • Both, the API key and Secret key for a user.

Generating a BSS API request

  1. Get the API key and Secret key for a user:
    Get these keys by following the steps given below:
    1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager.
    2. Click Root user in the top right hand corner of the UI.
    3. Click My Profile > API Credentials.
    4. Enter your password and click Proceed.
    5. Note the API key and Secret key.
  2. Generate the signature:
    1. For each field-value pair (as separated by a '&') in the Parameter String, URL, encode each value so that it can be safely sent via HTTP GET.
    2. Lower case the entire Parameter String and sort it alphabetically via the field for each field-value pair.


    3. Prefix the parameter string with the REST API path as shown below:


    4. Take the prefixed Parameter String and run it through the HMAC SHA-1 hashing algorithm with the user's Secret Key.
    5. The resulting signature: Cxx1DN401BjmXU%2FcaiK8RAPo02xU%3D
  3. Generate the timestamp.
  4. Construct the final URL: Base URL+Base API Path+ REST API Path+Parameter String+Signature



Sample JSON response:

{     "accounts":[        {           "uuid":"9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a",           "name":"SERVICE",           "accountId":"00000000",           "state":"ACTIVE",           "sourceChannel":null,           "accountType":{              "id":"1",              "name":"SYSTEM",              "displayName":"System",              "description":"system account type"           },           "spendLimit":0,           "initialDeposit":0,           "spendBudget":0,           "owner":{              "firstName":"ROOT",              "email":"samplename@accelerite.com",              "lastName":"USER",              "phone":"(000) 000 0000",              "username":"root",              "uuid":"62153c00-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555",              "address":null,              "apiKey":"hlz8Qvn03gvCy2rcwj5v-w_NPcfcXDe3USOVFRbEvl6-    rST_YoIbVkgL9geO6Ykt-csZkIhXTOA6_BxDEX18Tw",              "countryCode":"",              "gravatarUrl":null,              "profile":{                 "name":"Root",                 "description":"Root"              },              "enabled":true,                  "secretKey":"VXxhHXAhsFY_XBwThUs9CnS7vv5fiFtVfgVMmZq3_h9JTJHoBzEBHzf6v2p14ci5McgKV    -vxVLQVQ9F9cTXrGg",              "spendBudget":0,              "title":null,              "timeZone":"Pacific/Tongatapu"           },           "address":{              "city":"Any Town",              "country":"US",              "postalCode":"12345",              "state":"DE"           },           "secondaryAddress":null,           "currency":{              "currencyCode":"USD",              "currencyName":"US Dollar"           },           "memo":null,           "trialAccount":null,           "tenantExtraInformation":null,           "deposit":null,           "remoteAddress":"",           "removed":null,           "removedBy":null,           "imagePath":"9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a/images2.jpg",           "faviconPath":null,           "usernameSuffix":"root",           "users":[              {                 "firstName":"ROOT",                 "lastName":"USER",                 "username":"root",                 "uuid":"62153c00-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555"              },              {                 "firstName":"PORTAL",                 "lastName":"PORTAL",                 "username":"portal",                 "uuid":"74ed2fc2-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555"              },              {                 "firstName":"ops",                 "lastName":"admins",                 "username":"opsadmin",                 "uuid":"d7f249df-4f1b-4b55-90c7-67f53a2cbd77"              },              {                 "firstName":"Ops",                 "lastName":"admin",                 "username":"opsMonis",                 "uuid":"ffc61a28-fd57-48bc-82ac-860022eeee2f"              },              {                 "firstName":"Sales",                 "lastName":"Support",                 "username":"SSmonis",                 "uuid":"2e61bda6-d2ef-498f-9645-b6d2748d83ff"              },              {                 "firstName":"Product",                 "lastName":"Manager",                 "username":"pMMonis",                 "uuid":"29569924-4855-477a-b655-f9b99920aebe"              },              {                 "firstName":"Help",                 "lastName":"Desk",                 "username":"hdMonis",                 "uuid":"109a9485-34b4-42a5-938c-b42d6dd91458"              },              {                 "firstName":"Finance",                 "lastName":"Admin",                 "username":"faMonis",                 "uuid":"11c3c10a-0e64-45ad-8147-8b08c8240dab"              },              {                 "firstName":"Palanivel Rajan",                 "lastName":"RK",                 "username":"pal_ops",                 "uuid":"8ad7e3b9-d4df-42a0-98ae-fb6b07c0f6d0"              },              {                 "firstName":"ops",                 "lastName":"admin",                 "username":"ops001",                 "uuid":"91282e5a-4275-4aeb-afc1-e2a988b1792e"              }           ]        }

Sample XML response

        9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a  SERVICE  00000000  ACTIVE    1  SYSTEM  System  system account type    0.0000  0.0000  0.0000    ROOT  samplename@accelerite.com  USER  (000) 000 0000  root  62153c00-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555
  hlz8Qvn03gvCy2rcwj5v-w_NPcfcXDe3USOVFRbEvl6-rST_YoIbVkgL9geO6Ykt-csZkIhXTOA6_BxDEX18Tw          Root  Root    true  VXxhHXAhsFY_XBwThUs9CnS7vv5fiFtVfgVMmZq3_h9JTJHoBzEBHzf6v2p14ci5McgKV-vxVLQVQ9F9cTXrGg    0.0000    Pacific/Tongatapu
Any Town US 12345 DE
      USD  US Dollar        9fc7754c-6d46-11e0-a026-065287aed31a/images2.jpg    root      ROOT  USER  root  62153c00-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555      PORTAL  PORTAL  portal  74ed2fc2-6d48-11e0-830c-8bca523c3555      ops  admins  opsadmin  d7f249df-4f1b-4b55-90c7-67f53a2cbd77      Ops  admin  opsMonis  ffc61a28-fd57-48bc-82ac-860022eeee2f    Sales  Support  SSmonis  2e61bda6-d2ef-498f-9645-b6d2748d83ff    Product  Manager  pMMonis  29569924-4855-477a-b655-f9b99920aebe      Help  Desk  hdMonis  109a9485-34b4-42a5-938c-b42d6dd91458      Finance  Admin  faMonis  11c3c10a-0e64-45ad-8147-8b08c8240dab          
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