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CPBM Channel to CPSM Location/Reseller mapping

By default, all accounts that are created in CPBM and for whom the CPSM Cloud service instance has been enabled, their corresponding customers are provisioned in CPSM, in the default CPSM location. This default CPSM location is the default location that is specified by the CPSM administrator. The CPBM administrator can over-ride this behavior on a per channel basis by setting the channel's Service Controls called 'Location or Reseller' for that particular CPSM cloud service instance. The administrator can set it to a CPSM location name or to a CPSM reseller customer. If it is to be set to the reseller, then the location information must also be specified in this format: Location/Reseller Name. For example, CPSM1.LOC/RESELLER.

Multiple channels can be mapped to the same location or reseller. The location or reseller mapping indicates where the customers in CPSM are provisioned. If it is changed, then all new customers will be provisioned to the new mapping.