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Connector Account Configuration

When master user of an account enables CPSM service in CPBM, the connector creates a CPSM customer and customer admin. The following are configuration parameters for customer and customer admin creation:
  • Company Code:
    This property is the value of the company code, which is used as a unique identifier of the customer in CPSM.
    Note: Company code should be 3-5 alphanumeric characters.
  • UPN domain:

    This property is the value for the customer's UPN domain name (for example, The domain name specified here is used to create an internal email for the master user (and other users for this customer).

  • Username:
    This property is the username for the customer admin of the CPSM customer.
    Note: The username string should be between 5 to 11 characters. It can contain characters from a-z (both, upper and lower case), 0-9, and the '_' character.