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Configuring and Triggering the Active Directory Import Tool

Prerequisites: Follow the instructions in Active Directory Connection Configuration to configure Active Directory in CloudPortal Business Manager. As a service provider, you must configure adsync.workdirectory and adsync.report_email with appropriate values.
  • All users created under AD must have email ids configured.
  • ad-import-mapping.csv must be created to the location mentioned in adsync.workdirectory.

Configuring the Active Directory CloudPortal Business Manager Account Mapping

A group or OU in Active Directory (AD) maps to the CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) tenant account. The account mapping is specified in ad-import-mapping.csv file.
  1. Be sure about the name of the config file as we use the filename to pick-up the mapping file.
  2. Configure the AD work folder in Administration > B/OSS adsync.workdirectory field.
  3. Create ad-import-mapping.csv file in the {adsync.workdirectory} folder and add the following entries to the file. Note that the following content is sample only; you should modify the entries based on your requirements.
    #File should have only one of tenant-OU-mapping or tenant-Group-mapping    # Mapping of Active Directory OUs to CPBM Tenant  #CPBM-Account-Id,CPBM-Account-Name,AD Organizational Unit  [tenant-OU-mapping]  AA000002,Citrix-engineering,"OU=CloudPortal,OU=CPG Group,DC=cpsmblr,DC=local"    # Mapping of Active Directory Groups to CPBM Tenant  #CPBM-Account-Id,CPBM-Account-Name,AD-Group-Name  [tenant-Group-mapping]  AA000003,Citrix-finance,CitrixFinanceADGroup    [group-profile-mapping]  #AD-Group-Name,CPBM-User-Profile  Default,User  Finance,Billing User  Management,Power User

The CPBM account can be mapped to either an OU in AD or a group in AD.

Triggering the Active Directory Import Tool On Demand

This can be triggered using the following query:
update cloud_portal.QRTZ_TRIGGERS set NEXT_FIRE_TIME=   (((UNIX_TIMESTAMP()+10)*1000)+1) where TRIGGER_NAME='adImportJobTrigger'