Managing Re-seller Accounts

As an attempt to enhance the business opportunities and widen the customer base, a service provider can use the Re-seller feature available with CPBM. Apart from doing business with the customers directly, service providers can, now, assign re-sellers under them. A re-seller can sell the product bundles and packages to their customers on the basis of a profit-sharing agreement with the service provider. This helps service providers reach out to more customers and expand their business.

A company, which is interested in becoming a re-seller for a service provider, can assign an administrator to send a request to the service provider for a re-seller account. On receiving the request for a re-seller account, the service provider contacts the administrator who requested for the account. The service provider assesses the requester’s business interest in becoming a re-seller and the feasibility of doing business with the requester’s company. Then, the discussions on the terms and conditions of doing business with the re-seller and the details of profit-sharing are pursued. After the service provider and the re-seller are convinced about their cooperation, the service provider proceeds to accept the re-seller administrator’s request.

After the service provider accepts a request for a re-seller account, the service provider must create a channel for the re-seller. This helps the service provider configure the price of the product bundle for a specific re-seller. Also, the service provider can decide whether to permit the re-seller to modify the channel prize of the product bundle. 

Note: The service provider can add only one channel for a re-seller account.

The information on a re-seller account is stored in the re-seller-request-info table that is newly created in the database.

The administrator who attends to the request for the re-seller account is designated as root administrator. The administrator who requests for the re-seller account on behalf of a company is designated as re-seller administrator. All the tasks related to the re-seller feature are shared between the root administrator and the re-seller administrator.

In CPBM, the re-seller feature allows you to generate the Product Usage Report and the Revenue Report for each re-seller account.

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