Viewing the Re-seller Administrator Requests

In the Channels page, under the Re-seller Requests tab, you can view all the requests for adding as re-seller administrator to CPBM. 

After you get a re-seller administrator request, as a root administrator, you must initiate a formal business interaction with the requester and her company. It is important to assess the requester’s business interest in becoming a re-seller administrator under you. Also, you must carefully evaluate the feasibility to do business with the requester’s company.  After completing this evaluation, you can do one of the following:

• Accept the re-seller request to assign the role of re-seller administrator to the requestor

• Reject the re-seller request if you conclude that it is not feasible to do business with the requestor’s company

To view the re-seller administrator requests, do the following:

1. Logon to CPBM using your root administrator credentials.

2. In the CPBM UI, click Channels.

3. In the Channels page, click the Re-seller Requests tab.

4. On the left panel, under List All, locate the new re-seller administrator request that you want to view. Click the request to view the details on the right-side panel.

You can use the contact details provided in the request to contact the requester and her company.

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