Assigning a New Channel to the Re-seller Administrator

After you accept a re-seller request, you must assign a channel to the re-seller administrator that you have added new. 

To add a new channel to the re-seller administrator, you can use the existing flow in CPBM for adding channels. However, there are new fields specific to the re-seller administrator on the Channel Details panel. You must specify them as described in the following procedure:

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1. Logon to the CPBM UI using your root administrator credentials.

2. In the CPBM UI, in the Channels page, click the Channel Catalogs tab.

3. On the left panel, under List All, click Add New.

4. In the Add Channel wizard, in the Channel Details panel, do the following along with entering the other details:

      a. Select the Re-seller Enabled checkbox. 

      After you select the Re-seller Enabled checkbox, the FQDN field becomes mandatory. That is,  you must enter the fully—qualified domain name for the re-seller administrator. 

      b. In the Re-seller list box, select the re-seller administrator for whom you want to assign the channel.

      c. Select the Channel Price Editable checkbox if you want to allow the re-seller administrator to modify the price. 

5. Proceed to the other panels to define the currencies and the product bundles/cloud services that the re-seller administrator can sell. Click Add and then click Close

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