Setting Password for the Reseller Account

After the service provider creates a channel for your reseller administrator account, you receive an email from CPBM.

The subject line of this email will read Email Verification. On the body of the email, you can view the username for accessing the re-seller account and a link for verifying your email address. This link directs you to the sub-domain that the Service Provider has created for your re-seller account. You need to click the link. Alternatively, you can copy the link to the address bar of your web browser. 

In the Set password dialog box, you can set the password that you want to use for accessing your re-seller account. After you set the password, you can view the dialog box for logging onto your CPBM re-seller account.

To set the password for the re-seller account, do the following:

1. In the Set Password dialog box, enter and confirm the password for accessing your re-seller account. Click Submit.


The dialog box for logging onto your re-seller account appears. At the bottom of the page, you can view the message that indicates the successful configuration of the password for your account.


2. In the dialog box that displays the fields to logon to your re-seller account, enter the username and the password and click Log on.

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