Managing Projects

CPBM 2.5.0 provides support for Projects concept. This feature enables specific users in an account to share resources and collaborate. Projects can be considered as an entity between an account and user. An account can have multiple projects with one or more members. Also, the project administrator can enable or disable services for a project from services that are enabled for the account.

For a user to be able to launch and share resources for a cloud service under a project, that cloud service also needs to support projects. Currently, Apache CloudStack (ACS) and Accelerite CloudPlatform (ACP) connectors provide this support.

A project owner or a user with Account Project Management permission can:

 Create, edit and delete a project

 Add and delete members in that project

 Enable and disable services in that project

 Change the owner of that project

 Access resources within a project and view project related information

 Be owner and member of multiple projects.

Members of the same project can provision, share, and modify resources. However, the resources are not shared across multiple projects. When a project is deleted, all resources and subscriptions that are launched within that project are terminated.

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