Managing Services for a Project

To enable or disable services for a project, do the following:

1. Click the Projects tab. You can view all the projects on the left pane.

2. Click the project in which you want to manage the services.

3. Click the Services tab. You can view all the services that are enabled for this project.

   Note: If no services are available for this project, you can view the enable project link in the disabled state.

     To enable services for this project, click the Enable Services link. In the Enable Services dialog box, select the services you want to enable for this project and click OK.

 The services get enabled in this project. In a few seconds, the services get provisioned and, then, move to the active state. Click the View Members link to view the members for which the service has been activated.

     To disable a service, click the Disable Services icon near to the View Members link. The dialog box to confirm the action appears. This dialog box displays the name of the service, IP address of the service, and the project in which the service will be disabled. Click Confirm to disable and remove the service from the project.

4. Click the View Members link under the Status column to view the members for the provisioned service in this project.

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