Registering as Re-seller Administrator

After you sign-up for the re-seller administrator account, you receive an email from CPBM on the email address that you mentioned while signing up for the account.

The subject line of this email will read Email Verification. On the body of the email, you can view a link for verifying your email address. You need to click the link. Alternatively, you can copy the link to the address bar of your web browser. 

Now, you are ready to register yourself as the re-seller administrator with CPBM. You can use the two forms – Create a new re-seller and Contact Information – to provide information required for this registration. After you submit these forms successfully, a confirmation message that CPBM has received your request displays on the browser.

The root administrator - most probably the service provider - will contact you to assess your interest in becoming a re-seller administrator and the feasibility to do business with you. After the interaction, the root administrator will decide on the acceptance of your request.

To register as reseller administrator, do the following:

1. In the Create a new re-seller form, enter the details and click Continue.


In the Your Email field, you can view the email address that you provided while signing up for the re-seller administrator role. Also, on this page, you can specify the username for your re-seller administrator account.

2. In the Contact Information form, enter the details, select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.


The Your Name field displays your name. 

After you submit these form successfully, you can view the confirmation message that CPBM has received your request.

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