Accepting a Re-seller Administrator Request

If you are satisfied with your assessment of the requester’s business interest in becoming a re-seller administrator under you and you are convinced about the feasibility of doing business with the requester’s company, you can accept the re-seller administrator request.  

To accept a re-seller administrator request, do the following:

1. Logon to the CPBM UI using your root administrator credentials.

2. In the CPBM UI, in the Channels page, click the Re-seller Requests tab.

3. On the left panel, under List All, select the re-seller request that you want to accept.

4. At the top-right of the request, point to the Manage icon.

5. In the sub-menu displayed, click Change Status.

6. In the Change Status dialog box, do the following and click Save:

    a. In the Status list box, select Accepted.

    b. In the Notes field, enter a description of the re-seller request or requester for future reference. 

The status of the re-seller request is displayed as Accepted. Now, you can proceed to assign a new channel to the re-seller administrator that you have added.

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