Rejecting a Re-seller Administrator Request

If you are not satisfied with your assessment of the requester’s business interest in becoming a re-seller administrator under you and you are not convinced about the feasibility of doing business with the requester’s company, you can inform the requester that you are going to reject her request. Then, in CPBM, you can do the following to reject the re-seller administrator request:

1. Logon to the CPBM UI using your root administrator credentials.

2. In the CPBM UI, in the Channels page, click the Re-seller Requests tab.

3. On the left panel, under List All, select the re-seller request that you want to reject.

4. At the top-right of the request, point to the Manage icon.

5. In the sub-menu displayed, click Change Status.

6. In the Change Status dialog box, do the following and click Save:

    a. In the Status list box, select Rejected.

    b. In the Notes field, enter a valid reason for rejecting the re-seller request.

The status of the re-seller request is displayed as Rejected. You can remove a rejected re-seller request from CPBM if required.

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