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Accelerite® Releases CloudPortal Business Manager Version 2.5.0

Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) version 2.5.0 is here! CloudPortal Business Manager is a cloud services delivery and operations platform for delivering self-service IT-as-a-service to consumers. CloudPortal Business Manager targets service providers and enterprise IT organizations and provides a wide range of features on business operations that include built-in billing and spend tracking engines, product and catalog management, self-serviceability of resources, and integrations with payment gateways and fraud control systems. In addition, CloudPortal Business Manager provides features such as Active Directory (AD) integration and approval-based workflows that are uniquely designed for the needs of enterprises.

 Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5.0 includes the following new features:

  • Wirecard Payment Gateway

    Supports the Wirecard payment gateway. This is in addition to the Authorize.Net and the CyberSource payment gateways.

  • Tiered Pricing Model

    Supports the tiered pricing model. In this pricing model, the enterprise administrators or the service providers can split the product pricing into several units and charge them on the basis of the tier unit levels.

  • Re-seller

    Supports re-sellers. Service providers can assign re-sellers under them. A re-seller can sell the product bundles and packages to their customers on the basis of a profit-sharing agreement with the service provider. This helps service providers reach out to more customers and expand their business.

  • Project

    Supports the concept of projects. A project is an entity between an account and a user. This feature enables specific users in an account to launch and share resources with a cloud service. An account can have multiple projects with one or more users as members.

  • Accelerite CloudPlatform Features

    Supports the following features that are available with Accelerite CloudPlatform:

    • Resize Root Disk
    • SSL Termination
    • Destination CIDR in the Egress Rules
    • Portable IP Address
    • vGPU Support

Logged in users of Accelerite® Support Portal can download for Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5.0 by clicking here.

As a new customer, you can directly install CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5.0. Existing customers can upgrade to CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5.0 from the following earlier releases of CloudPortal Business Manager:

  • CloudPortal Business Manager 2.4.0
  • CloudPortal Business Manager 2.3.1
  • CloudPortal Business Manager 2.3.0

BSS APIs that have been modified as part of CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0 are documented in the API reference pages. For more information, see CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5 BSS API Reference

The issues that customers reported on the previous releases and addressed in CloudPortal Business Manager version 2.5.0 are documented in the Release Notes section of the Accelerite® CloudPortal Business Manager Online Help. Also, the Release Notes section contains information on Known Issues.